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Our dear patients!

We are tremendously proud to present you our vision of dental treatment. Meet our team, our offices, equipment and therapeutic procedures which we use on daily basis in our work.

40 years of Dijan dental practice is something we are especially proud of. We even managed to maintain practice during the war in Croatia when there was no water or electricity in Zadar. Our own power and water supply enabled us to keep Dijan dental office opened during the entire war period and before it.

Besides introducing our practice and team, there will be enough space dedicated to health education. Why? Simply because we would like to raise the level of oral health of our patients and provide you with precise instructions on how to achieve healthy teeth. We would also like to educate parents on the best way to maintain the health of their children's teeth.

Our teeth are especially endangered today due to the modern way of life and nutrition which have resulted in the increase in dental caries and periodontal diseases. Poor oral health causes many problems, starting from deteriorating physical appearance, inability to chew food and phonetic problems.

We pay much attention to aesthetics and functionality. Individual approach is something that every patient deserves, from our point of view. Our primary task is to establish good cooperation with our patients through professional quality work and great human dimension by trying to make our patients feel at home when they visit our office.

Dental center Dijan is in every sense a family practice. Dr. Danica Raspović Dijan started the first private practice in Zadar in 1977 at Tri bunara square. Her husband, Dr. Živko Dijan joined in 1992. He was a Doctor of Dental Medicine for 22 years at he Zadar Medical Center. In year 1997 their daughter, Ivona Dijan-Fabijan also joined the practice and has already gained 19 years of professional experience. Hence, each patient that comes to our office is met by three experts from Dijan family, professionals with rich experience.




Digora bežićni senzor
Digora bežićni senzor

Digital dental radiograph is taken by Digora wireless sensor (the latest generation) at our office.
This type of radiography delivers sharp and exact x-ray images, and it guarantees the lowest possible dose of radiation for patients in amount of only 4 micro Sv.




We use this device on daily basis for clinical caries diagnostics.
It produces a specific sound and numeric value when caries is detected.
It enables us to discover hidden caries at an early stage of development.



Saliva check buffer

We utilise it to measure saliva pH and its puffer capacity.

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