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Sports dental medicine

Sports dental medicine is a branch of dental medicine that deals with healing sports injuries in mouth and face area, mostly the avulsion or trauma of the upper front teeth. With soft tissue injury, the most common ones are contusions and lip ruptures. In these cases we recommend our patients to visit the dentist as soon as possible. If the front teeth are knocked out, which happens very often with school-age children (in school yards or at sports grounds), you have to reach our office as soon as possible as every minute counts in this case. Our experience with this type of injury is long, we replant the knocked-out tooth in the jaw, immobilize it with special splints that stay in the mouth until the tooth is fixed.

Preventive measures are very important for the sports dentistry. In order to avoid injuries, it is recommended to make individual mouth guards. There are ready-to-wear guards but their disadvantage is that they adjust poorly to the teeth and that is why we recommend individually made guards because they distribute the force better during the blow.

Mouth guards can be made at our office in two hours.

Sports dental medicine

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