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Preventive pediatric dentistry

Preventive pediatric dentistry

„And it is well to superintend the sick to make them well, to care for the healthy to keep them well.“ Hippocrates 460-377 BCE

Our prevention starts with educating pregnant women about dental care during pregnancy and what measures should be taken to preserve the health of their child's teeth afterwards.

They are educated about healthy diet which should be lacto-fructo-vegetable one, and about the correct oral hygiene. We recommend that the parents bring their child to our dental office for the first time when the child is 2 years old at the latest. Then an examination is made and child's teeth are smeared with tooth mousse (liquid enamel). Once a month we conduct preventive examination where we teach children how to brush their teeth properly. We regularly seal fissures on the first permanent molars, inform parents about the correct child nutrition and visit schools and day care centers where we perform physical examinations and health education.

We started with preventive program in 1993 and after 23 years of preventive dentistry we have achieved superb results, which means that we have significantly reduced caries occurrence among our patients.

Preventive pediatric dentistry Preventive pediatric dentistry

Dr. Danica treats teeth decay with painless method using Heal Ozon.

Preventive pediatric dentistry

Dr. Ivona Dijan Fabijan treats decayed tooth with laser, which is welcomed by children as there is no traditional dental drill.

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